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Looking your best has always been an uphill struggle without the qualified help from a professional beauty salon staff. To look and feel your best you need an elegant hairstyle, exquisite nails, as well as a charming make-up to emphasis your beauty.  As people more and more require styles that are well-matched to their personality, they have to choose from a colossal range of beauty products and rely on professional beauty salon staff that can help them make sense of the numerous beauty options. Although fashions and tastes change on a regular basis, the basic duty of beauty salon staff remains the same -- assisting people to look and feel their best. 


Our staff at Salon Charis caters to an enthusiastic and loyal clientele of urbanites and suburbanites, professors and students, homemakers and entertainers who enjoy our convenient location as well as its friendly energy. Located in Desoto Texas, just south of Dallas Texas, our beauty specialists promise to provide you with the best salon services the area has to offer. We are dedicated to making you look and feel the best.


Hair services are priced with regard to the length of hair, which determine time invested and product usage for your professional finish. 


Salon Charis is a hair salon that will serve all of your hair care needs. We believe that the gift is you! 


Other Services to make care better

To keep your hair in tip-top condition, we suggest you use smoothing conditioners and shampoo by MONAT.


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